IGH Infotec AG - software for efficient production and logistics

IGH Infotec AG is your partner for the cross-linking of your material flow and production processes with the SAP system.
Mobile data capture or operation data collection and machine data logging (MES) - we know what you need to ensure efficient logistics and production.

X-NetMES: directly in SAP

Order, operator, machine, tool, material and time - these are the essential factors in a production line. SAP manages and plans these components. In order to optimise production performance, you need to be able to compare planned and actual status in real time and remedy detected faults and downtimes.

X-NetMES - MES directly in SAP - bridges the gap between planning and reality in SAP.

X-RF: Mobile data capture with SAP

In order to perform his tasks, the operator requires information. This information is in the SAP system - SAP requires data in order to manage processes. The operator has these data. 

X-RF, mobile data capture, is the bridge between them.

IGH Infotec supplies enhancements for your SAP, turning the powerful ERP system into a lean machine data logging system with the aid of just a few additional functions. X-NetMES MES directly in SAP and X-RF mobile data capture with SAP are of modular design, quickly installed and can be adjusted flexibly to suit the respective task.



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