Mobile data
collection with SAP

Material flow optimization
and control directly with SAP ERP or S/4 HANA

Mobile data collection with SAP

Mobile data collection for material flow optimization and control with SAP

Mobile data collection must match: For the process, the operator’s work method and the environment. This has been offered by X-RF – the mobile data collection with SAP – for 20 years! During that time, the product was continuously reinvented – every finding and every positive experience was incorporated in the product. Today, X-RF – the mobile data collection with SAP – represents an optimal mobile workflow in production and logistics

The module portfolio of our mobile data collection supports the SAP processes

Goods receipt
Information, collection and posting

Any material movements, regardless of whether this is MM, WM or EWM

Number of units, times to the material request

Quality assurance
Inspecting, collecting and deciding

Notification, registration and posting

Material flow
Material movements of any kind, including maintaining by batch or serial numbers

Every workflow in the SAP production logistics is available in a mobile form in the X-RF portfolio.

Every workflow in the SAP production logistics is available in a mobile form in the X-RF portfolio.

All X-RF modules for mobile data capture support SAP-HTML4, SAP-HTML5, SAPUI5 or SAP Fiori. Depending on specific requirements and preferences, the desired “user interface” is available. This also means that the entire range of standard (mobile) hardware is supported:

  • Capture of barcodes with mobile data capture devices (scanners)
  • Pick by voice
  • Reading of RFIDs
  • Pick by vision with the smart glasses

All data capture systems can be used in X-RF – mobile data capture with SAP.

Mobile data capture with SAP

Mobile data capture with SAP sounds simple. A few dialogues on a barcode scanner or smartphone with which the operator requests data from and reports data to SAP – done.

As always, the devil is in the details. This may work for a simple goods receipt process with SAP. But what if you also need to capture batch or serial numbers? And what about seamless processing of a subsequent process, for example palletisation or a quality management inspection? What you need then is the right workflow.

You need a front end that is configured and operated in such a way that it offers the operator optimum support. The provision of data and data capture must support the workflow. Operation must be made as simple as possible. Only then will the process be reliable and accepted by the operator.

IGH Infotec AG has practically endless experience in the design of the optimum mobile workflow. Operators worldwide, in over 10,000 applications (modules), are working with a mobile data capture system from IGH Infotec AG.

Our mobile data capture projects are based on a steadily evolving standard portfolio of complete modules. These modules are put together in the course of the work on a project to form a specific workflow. Each mobile workflow is thus based on standard software. This ensures quick, reliable and successful implementation of the project. Processes can be modified or enhanced without problems. Technological innovations and process optimisations are integrated directly into our standard portfolio and are available for every process via update.

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Goods receipt

Time-delayed material postings at the goods receipt slow down every material flow. Whether it is material from the supplier, subcontractor, production or other areas, downtime due to time-delayed data entry is inefficient and reduces productivity.

With the X-RF modules for the goods receipt, the operator enters quantities, batch numbers, serial numbers and many other attributes of the material directly and online.

The material is directly available for the subsequent process. There is no downtime.

The dialogues are optimized accordingly. The operator performs his work and enters the data along the way. It could not be easier and more efficient.

Goods issue / packaging

The goods issue is often the “Achilles heel” in the material flow. Material from the order picking process becomes operational and is packaged through the system. A handling unit is often used.

The X-RF modules for the goods issue support the operator with his work. X-RF provides a practical workflow for mapping materials in a package, registration of packing materials, collection of batch or serial numbers.

Creating, nesting or dissolving handling units – the collection and posting runs parallel to the operational performance.

Secured truck loading is also a topic. The staged items are inspected analogue to the delivery note. A continuous X-RF process is provided to the documented load securing (photo).

Order picking WM, EWM, MM

The order picking at the warehouse is a sensitive process. Depending on the quantity of the items to be picked, even the slightest improvement can have a major effect on the efficiency.

Single-level or multi-level, MM storage location or transfer order oriented at the WM / EWM warehouse, direct creation of handling units or registration of batch numbers or serial numbers – the X-RF portfolio has a workflow for everything.

X-RF has been used for order picking with continuous improvements and optimizations for 20 years.

The X-RF ControlCenter module is the turbocharger for any order picking process. The material flow can be planned in detail and controlled at the order picking warehouse. The picking lines are centrally controlled and automatically assigned to the individual operator. Dependent parameters of the active order picking control include priorities, times, quantities and areas.

MM Warehouse

The classic inventory controlled MM warehouse is alive and well. – An MM warehouse is the method of selection especially for a manageable quantity of materials or slower stock movements.

Especially here, the precise and timely registration of material movements is important. Removals or additions of material to a fixed storage location are only transparent in the system when they are entered by the system. Otherwise, there will be an inventory difference.

The X-RF portfolio includes many modules that make life and postings for inventory management easier. The subject matter of stocktaking is solved quickly and precisely.

Stock movements from and to production orders and deliveries are easily registered. The status of the internal material flow in SAP is up-to-date.


The data collection within the production is structured in material postings, performance entries and the collection of data for detailed tracking.

X-RF is used to post the components for the order when the materials are used. There is also an option to record the lot for the materials that are used. A backflush posting with a manual lot assignment is not necessary.

The X-RF Portfolio also includes modules for mobile activity entries for the order. The operator registers activity types such as time and quantity that are stored in the order without location dependency.

X-RF also supports the mobile Kanban posting according to the defined Kanban status in SAP.

The registration of serial numbers in the production and assembly process is a cross-module function of the X-RF portfolio. The operator thereby registers the serial number of a component immediately after it was created or installed.

Qualitäty assurance

X-RF makes mobile goods receipt and in-production inspections possible. The operator enters the quantitative and qualitative inspection characteristics analogue to the QM inspection lot.

The data is provided directly in SAP QM. A quick evaluation of the condition of the material ensures an acceleration of the processes. There are no wait times due to the transmission of inspection data.

A dynamic workflow that is derived from the SAP inspection plan guarantees an ergonomic operation. There is an option to connect digital measuring devices.

Plant maintance

The recording of maintenance data for the station or equipment is an X-RF Maintenance discipline. In addition to the creation of maintenance notifications and orders, the activities are entered directly. Labour activities are registered and posted with the start / stop procedure.

The posting of the material that is used enhances this workflow. Notes that are not precise and time-delayed posting of activities are a thing of the past with X-RF Maintenance.

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X-RF CC is the central control level for mobile processes. The X-RF CC can be used to distribute tasks to operators and thereby provide for optimal control of the material flow.

The transfer orders / lines for put-away and picking at a WM warehouse must be distributed to the registered operators based on specific criteria. Route optimizations, strategies for item consolidation, compliance with shipment completions, etc. are thereby easy to control.

The warehouse manager can view the status of any stock movement directly at a cockpit. The capacity utilization, lead time and process speeds are also displayed.

Maintenance represents another area that must be controlled and monitored with the X-RF CC. Maintenance orders that have been created can be assigned centrally to a specific maintenance operator.

The current processing status of the respective maintenance order can be centrally displayed in the cockpit.

There are various applications for the X-RF CC. The X-RF CC is used whenever a pool of orders must be distributed to a group of operators. – Increased productivity is guaranteed.