SAP Add Ons
für production & logistics

From material flow optimisation
to digitalisation in production

SAP add-ons and SAP enhancements for production and logistics.

Your specialist for optimising production and in-house logistics

Since the company was founded in 1995, IGH Infotec has developed from a provider of special solutions for the logistics industry to a market leader for the topics of “mobile data acquisition with SAP” and “MES (Manufacturing Execution System) directly in SAP”.

The focus is on the digitalisation of processes in production and logistics, with the aim of increasing efficiency in production processes.

National and international companies from a wide range of industries work with our products worldwide. The systems are modular, quickly installed and flexibly adjustable to the respective task.

In addition, IGH Infotec supports customers and interested parties with advice on the use of these digital tools against the background of reducing production costs. In this way, you participate in the knowledge gained from a large number of successful projects.

Optimisation of production processes

At our main location in Langenfeld, we operate a distinctive for the production of machine components. Our software solutions are developed on the basis of this practical know-how. Thus, we speak to our customers at eye level. Within the scope of live webcasts, we present the use of our optimisation tools in the real working environment.

Since 2022, the machine tool manufacturer HELLER from Nürtingen has held a stake in IGH Infotec AG. Together with HELLER, we are now in a position to offer optimal systems and consulting with an even stronger practical orientation. In the initiative “PPO – HELLER Best Practice” we make the bundled competence from digitalisation and the optimisation of production processes available to our customers and interested parties.

IGH Practice days

Get to know our products, services and the people at IGH at the practical days that have been held in your area for over 17 years.

From the worker and the machine, to the input material and the tool, to the finished product, as well as from incoming goods to the warehouse and picking to outgoing goods – IGH Infotec AG is the competent contact for production and material flow.

The basis of our success is our employees, who are very practice-oriented and take your company a little further forward every day.

Who is IGH Infotec?

Practical process know-how combined with SAP expertise in production and logistics – for more than 25 years!

IGH Infotec AG was established in 1995 and, since its foundation, has focused on the topic of “Mobile data capture”. After initially programming purely customer-specific data capture systems, we quickly realised that sustainable growth is only possible with standardised software.

This coincided with the fact that many of our customers were migrating from existing individual ERP systems to the SAP R/3 standard.

SAP R/3 gave us the opportunity to standardise the software technically and functionally. To do this, we first used a self-developed middleware, which communicated with the SAP system via an interface. From R/3 Release 4.7 on, we have used Web-AS, which was new at the time. The problematical subject “interface” was thus removed from the frame.

SAP add-ons and SAP enhancements for production and logistics

This was the starting point for our SAP add-ons (SAP enhancements) for production and logistics – integrated in SAP – without an interface.

Mobile data capture in logistics became a “bestseller” for us. Our portfolio grew from just a handful of processes to more than 150 sophisticated mobile workflows for production and logistics.

In the year 2005, we became an SAP partner with the corresponding certifications. It was at this point that we also developed our first “MES applications”. The first systems were strongly oriented towards the workflow architecture of mobile data capture.

We quickly established the topic of “MES with SAP” as an independent product. Here, too, we initially focused on standardisation. Over the years, we developed a comprehensive MES system as an add-on in SAP, completely without interfaces and separate data storage.

Today, our MES comprises a comprehensive portfolio of modules, from integrated machine communication to order and resource management and analytical evaluation of the data in order to display individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (OEE, TEEP, etc.).